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Smart Ortho

"Smart ortho" is a software application for tablets, android smartphones and personal computers with the windows operating system.

Using the "Smart Ortho" can be qualitatively assess posture in humans, to identify the violations of the orthopedic system.

The program was developed in versions for normal users "Smart Ortho Light" and for specialists "Smart Ortho Pro".

To assess posture and disorders of musculoskeletal system you need to use a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to take photos of a person where a picture should be set marks on key points, according to the instructions, after which the app will estimate various indicators.

«Smart Ortho» - " is an application with which you can:

  • You can assess their posture and musculoskeletal system
  • develop a medical complex and exercise to correct existing violations
  • assess the effectiveness of treatment and preventive measures
  • objectively document the condition of the spine (musculoskeletal system) and to evaluate the dynamics of changes.

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